Orthodontics mainly concerns itself with the treatment of gum and teeth anomalies. A crooked bite and misaligned jaws are serious issues that ought to be examined by an expert orthodontist. A general dentist will require an additional two years of coursework to perform the same exams and treatments on patients.

A misaligned jaw and a crooked tooth are issues that can affect our outward appearance leaving an impact on our self-esteem. But even more crucially, the same anomalies can cause dental health problems such as lockjaw, painful gums, migraines, and speech impairment. Here are some reasons why you should get your braces from an orthodontist.

Early Detection

You may take your child to an expert orthodontist from as early as age seven. It is possible for the orthodontists to check for problems at this age and recommend clear braces where necessary. Since gum and jaw problems are critical to dental health, these issues can be treated on time.

Dentists are usually concerned with matters of general oral health. They can check for cavities, accumulation of plaque, gum disease, and gingivitis. They can show people of all ages, when and how to clean their teeth to avoid the development tartar. A dentist may perform an x-ray on your jaw and inform you of potential dental problems.

However, it is your orthodontist in San Mateo that you should go to when you need Invisalign braces. Their training includes checking for various malocclusions, which includes anomalies such as facial growth and misaligned gums.

Experience and Specialization

You may not find many expert orthodontists in San Mateo. That is partly because of the high academic requirements that the practice demands. Also, orthodontists usually specialize in dealing with malocclusions.

On the other hand, dentists carry out general oral health treatments and check for cavities and teeth problems. By specializing in one aspect of dental care, orthodontists become more adept at treating crooked bites, jaw alignment, and issues with facial growth.

Cost-Effective and Minimally Invasive Procedures

By going to an expert orthodontist, you are tapping their skill in treating critical dental health problems. They can determine if the malocclusions are class I, or whether the issues are in a more advanced stage such as class III.

Even if your child does not currently have an issue with their teeth or gums, you may benefit from an expert evaluation. They may notice bad habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, which can cause teeth to shift in the future.

Many parents may not detect some harmful habits like tongue-thrusting until they become serious and problematic. It can take months or years before an overbite can be detected. It is advisable to make regular visits to your dentists at least once a year to arrest issues as they arise. Your dentist can recommend you to an expert orthodontist for clear braces if they find it necessary.


It is important to understand the distinction between dentistry and orthodontics. Dentists are concerned with general oral health issues, while orthodontists specialize in treating malocclusions. It is, therefore, an orthodontist who should recommend, and determine if you need Invisalign braces. Contact us or visit our website for queries or questions on clear braces and dental health treatment.