The thought of wearing traditional braces to straighten teeth is terrifying to most people. Exposing the metallic wire running through the front of your teeth every time you smile can be a put-off. For your child or pubescent teen, they worry about their appearance in school. For most adults, the worry is how they will be able to maintain a professional look with the colored “train-track” wired to their teeth.

Alternatives to Traditional Metal Braces

Technological advancements in the orthodontic field contribute to more discrete and equally effective solutions to teeth misalignment. Most teens and adults are oddly self-conscious while wearing metallic braces. They result in less participation in social functions. Some of the current braces alternatives to traditional braces include:

    • Invisalign braces.


    • Ceramic braces.


    • Damon braces.


  • Lingual braces.

Invisalign braces are becoming increasingly popular compared to the other options. Invisalign is a form of subtle braces treatment that uses a series of custom aligners to readjust your teeth to shape. The aligners are placed at set intervals that gradually restore your smile. The clear braces also give a punch of confidence boost to boot. Here are the reasons why Invisalign braces are the best alternative to metal runners.

Subtle and Discrete

The main reason why Invisalign products are popular is the use of clear plastic aligners. The plates are barely noticeable, and no one will ever know why you have them on. You don’t have to wear awkward chunks of metal protruding from your teeth, making you feel unattractive. The clear liners allow you to wear your beautiful smile everywhere as they gradually realign your teeth to shape.

Effective for all Age Groups

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are over 4.5 million Americans who are on braces to rectify their teeth alignment. Out of these orthodontist patients, over 25% are actually adults. The Invisalign braces allow customized fits that are effective for all. The orthodontists take detailed scans and impressions of your mouth. The precise measurements create a custom plate that provides personally tailored results.


Invisalign plates use smooth, clear plastics that run through your teeth. Everyone who has ever had traditional braces can testify how painful the scratches and punctures from the protruding bits of metal can be. The clear aligners in Invisalign are smooth with no sharp edges. Besides, you are not worried about food restrictions. You can remove the trays and feast on your favorite meal. After a thorough brushing, you can then easily set them back.


Traditional metal braces can become hazardous if your child trips and falls. The metal chunks may tear into the cheeks. Additionally, the metal wires are notorious for hiding food particles leading to poor oral hygiene. It may lead to decalcification and discoloration of teeth. Using Invisalign as braces alternatives provide better dental health as you realign teeth to the desired shape. You can remove the aligners while eating and brushing your teeth and place them back.

In Conclusion

Although metal braces are effective in correcting misaligned teeth, they lack the primary aesthetic appeal. Other braces alternatives such as Invisalign clear braces can straighten your teeth while you comfortably wear your beautiful smile. Consult your orthodontist on the best option available for your teeth.