Clear braces are becoming more and more popular among patients all over the world. These are braces that are designed to correct misaligned teeth while being inconspicuous. This is because Invisalign relies on clear aligning trays specially made to fit the individual patient. When these trays are on, the braces alternatives seem “invisible’ to other people.

Orthodontists customize these aligners for patients by taking a 3D scan of their teeth. They craft a series of aligners to be worn over the course of the next year in order to move the teeth into the desired position. If you’re looking for braces alternatives, this is why you should choose clear braces:

1. You Can Remove the Aligners

Invisible braces rely on clear aligners that you can take out when you want to eat. As such, these braces don’t force you to change your diet or how you eat your food. Keep in mind that these braces need to be worn for 20-22 hours a day, but it gives you plenty of leeway to take them out for short periods of time without worrying about affecting the results.

2. They are comfortable

Moving your teeth into their correct positions using braces may be a painful and uncomfortable experience. Invisalign braces make this process easier on you since they don’t use painful wires that need to be tightened. Because the plastic tray is customized to your mouth, the plastic won’t scrape the inside of your cheek and gums like harsh metal wires.

3. They correct problems quickly

Generic metal braces can take up to five years to get your desired results. Clear braces, on the other hand, take between one year and one and a half years for their magic to work. This means you won’t have to worry about the discomfort of wearing braces for too long.

4. They look better than traditional braces

Clear braces are known to look much better than metal braces. This is because they rely on clear, plastic retainers that are barely noticeable. If you’re worried about the unsightly appearance of metal wires when you smile, clear braces like Invisalign help put that fear to bed.

Clear braces are also a good choice for adults and self-conscious teens because their colleagues and friends cannot notice that they are receiving orthodontic treatment.

5. It’s easy to brush and floss your teeth

Clear braces can be taken out for two to three hours a day without affecting your orthodontic treatment. This makes it easy to take the aligners out when brushing or flossing your teeth. As such, clear braces are less invasive and life-altering than traditional metal braces.

6. They require few doctor consultations

When an expert orthodontist takes a 3D scan of your mouth and uses it to make you custom aligners, most of their work is finished. You might have to visit the orthodontist to ensure the aligners are working properly, but it’s far less invasive than getting your metal braces tightened. This implies that your child won’t have to miss school to make doctor’s appointments, and you won’t have to take off work.

7. They are safer than traditional braces

Metal braces have protruding metal and wire edges that can cut the inside of your cheeks. Clear braces, on the other hand, are smooth and comfortable. Since they are made of plastic, they don’t have any sharp edges that will harm your mouth, making them a much safer option than metal braces.

Metal braces also use more force to correct your misaligned teeth. They also cause gum disease and have been associated with causing cavities since they are harder to clean.

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Studies and reports have proven that orthodontic treatment can significantly improve a person’s quality of life. It exposes you to better oral care, thus protecting you from gum diseases and cavities. If your child needs to get braces, make sure to do this sooner than later. Orthodontic treatment is most effective when it is done when a child is six to seven years old. For more information, reach out to Invisalign San Mateo today.